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The calculators will give accurate results only for rectangular shaped objects.


Box Dimensions Calculator: Figures out third dimension of a box, given two known dimensions, required internal volume and material thickness. For example, if you have the length and height of a part of your trunk, and need to figure out the width of the box: Enter the two dimensions you have measured, enter the internal volume, and the thickness of the wood. If you are placing objects inside the box, such as braces, or a piece of wood to separate the box into two independent boxes for two woofers, use the “Solid Object Volume Calculator.”

Solid Object Volume Calculator: Figures out volume of an object to be placed inside a box. Then add result to “required internal volume” in the “Box dimensions Calculator”.


Conversion Factors: Metric to English units, Cubic inches to cu ft, etc.

– cu in / 1728 = Cubic feet
– cu ft x 1728 = Cubic inches
– cu ft x 28320 = Cubic centimeters
– cm x 0.394 = Inches
– in x 2.540 = Centimeters
– ft x 30.48 = Centimeters
– ft x .3048 = Meters
– m x 3.281 = Feet