System Design: Overall System planning tips. Brief description of each component and their interaction.

Typical Systems: Tips for designing different types of sound systems: Basic (for people on a budget), competition level and SPL systems.

Head Units: Features to look for (controls, power, outputs, security). Kits and plugs, FM modulated CD changers pros and cons

Speakers: What speaker to buy, based on size, shape and specifications. Obtaining best sound possible from you speakers

Subwoofers: Free air, sealed, isobaric, band-pass, membrane enclosure configurations

Crossovers: Active vs. passive crossovers

Equalizers: Basic concepts such as frequencies, octaves, Q values, mono vs. stereo. Differences between parametric and graphic, active and passive equalizers

Amplifiers: What specs really mean. Picking the right amp. Calculating “real” power of an amplifier. Different types