General Instalation

Head Units: Main options and features available for head units and CD changers. Factory head unit upgrades.
Seat/Panel Removal: How to remove trim rings, consoles, dashes, seats, door panels, rear decks, kick panels, etc. Also instructions to fix broken or cracked panels
Road Noise/Rattles: Adding damping materials such as sprays, Dynamat, foams, etc to get rid of road noise and rattles. Step by step instructions to add damping (both spray and liner) to doors

Speakers/Subs, Custom Panels

Speakers: Different types of speakers and applications. Power considerations.
Speaker/Sub Wiring: Series and parallel wiring diagrams and formulas to obtain maximum power output from your system.
Box Building: Instructions to build subwoofer boxes. Materials, bracing, finishing techniques.
Sub Box Calculator: Figure external box dimensions from measurements, required internal volume and wood/plexiglas thickness
Speaker Pods: Step by step instructions to make your own Fiberglass kick panel pods.
Fiberglass Basics: Instructions, materials, safety, and general steps for fiberglass projects.
Custom Panels: Step by step instructions to build your own custom panels. A list of most common materials used

Amps, Electrical Upgrades

Amplifiers: Amplifier installation and wiring. Power wiring gauge chart.
Alternator Noise: Instructions to eliminate the dreaded alternator whine that squeezes through audio systems
Turn-on Relays: Adding a relay to your head unit’s turn on output. Needed when you have to turn on many components or adding neon lights, fans, etc.

Crossovers, Installation, Tweaking

Custom Crossovers: Instructions and tips to design and build custom passive crossovers from scratch.
Crossover Calculators: Calculate capacitor and inductor values for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th order crossovers. Impedance stabilization circuit calculator for a smooth woofer response. Diagrams included
Equalizers: Equalizer mounting and installation. Tips to properly setup an equalizer.
Tweaking: Checking speaker polarity, adjusting amplifier gains, equalizers, crossovers, etc. for best and loudest sound without distortion