Whether you have or not an alarm system, the tips on this page will help you keep your car and belongings from being stolen or vandalized.

It is all a matter of probability. The object is to reduce the probability of your car or equipment getting stolen. There is no such thing as a theft-proof vehicle. If they want to steal it, they will, and there is nothing you can do about it. What you want to do is make your car as unattractive as possible to thieves so that they move on to another car.

Before Parking

When you are close to work, school, home, mall, etc., turn the stereo down! If you call attention, people will realize that you have something worth stealing inside your car. Turn volume up once you are back on a main road.

When Parking

Park in a well lit, high traffic area. Thieves are not likely to break into a car if there are a lot of people around.

Take everything out of your car. Anything that calls attention inside your car could make a thief target your car, even loose change. Remove your head unit’s face (if removable). Don’t leave in plain view any CDs, money, clothing, trash, coins, etc. A completely clean car will call very little attention.

As much as you would like your wonderful installation to friends, try not to do it. If the wrong people know about it, they might plan a visit to your driveway in the middle of the night.

Customizing Your Car

The first thing that comes to mind is tinted windows and big stickers advertising audio system and performance equipment. They are simply an invitation for thieves.

Many people like to add custom wheels, fog lights, spoilers and other accessories to their cars. While your ride will look and perform a lot better with some of this accessories, it will also draw more attention to thieves. The best compromise between looks and security is to have a 100% factory looking car. If you are adding performance parts, keep them under the hood and don’t advertise them.

Stereo System Installation

Custom flashy stereo system installations are cool for competition, but not for cars that are driven every day. When installing your audio system, try to make the inside of the car look as stock as possible. Use factory (or factory-looking) speaker grilles. Try to hide components. Build a fake plate for your stereo by cutting of a factory head unit. If a thief looks in your car, he will see what looks like a factory system and move on. If you want to go wild on your install, use the trunk, which is not visible from the outside when the car is parked.

Mount components and subwoofer boxes to the car. Any loose objects can be easily snatched. Bolt components using security screws, or screws with uncommon heads, such as Torx or Allen.

If you have a subwoofer box with all your amplifiers and crossovers laying around in the trunk or hatch, all they have to do is rip the wires and pull the box. Try to mount components separately.

Security Systems

A properly installed security system that really calls attention, protected with a hood lock and backup battery will also go a long way in decreasing chances of you car or equipment getting stolen.